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Have you always dreamed about having a spa pool in your home? Do you have a spa pool and now want one that is more modern, attractive, and energy-efficient? Whether you want to add a spa pool for the added luxury and relaxation, for therapeutic reasons, or for both, you should choose Eco Spa when looking for spa pools in Christchurch.

Our spa pools are portable, energy-efficient, and they look fantastic whether installed on your deck or balcony, or inside your home. The work great too, with powerful jets produced by a quiet and efficient pump.

You can browse the spa pools we have available for delivery to Christchurch here on our website. You can also call us if you would like more information or need advice. Call today on 0800 SPAS NZ.

Our spa pools are available in Christchurch delivered to the depot closest to your home or directly to your door.

You’ll get excellent customer service when you come to us too, plus all our spa pools come with a warranty. This includes a ten-year warranty to cover your spa’s polyethylene.

Please call us today on 0800 SPAS NZ to discuss what you want in a spa pool for your home.

Portable Spa Pools Christchurch

The spa pools we supply in Christchurch are lightweight. This makes our range of products stand out from most of the other spa pools that are available on the market, i.e. products that are heavy and cumbersome.

As our spa pools are lightweight, they are portable. This makes them easy to install in your home and easy to move to a different location whenever you need to. Bringing your spa pool to an inside location for the winter months and then bringing it back outside to your deck again for the summer – this is just one of the possibilities you will benefit from with a portable spa pool.

Energy Efficient Spa Pools

One of the most important benefits of our spa pools (apart from the fact they are fun and relaxing to use) is their energy efficiency. We have designed our spa pools to ensure they use a minimal amount of electricity, reducing your energy bills and helping to protect the environment.

The pump that we’ll supply with your spa pool is energy efficient plus we add marine-grade foam to the underside of your spa. This innovative feature adds insulating properties to the spa pool, keeping the water inside hotter for longer and reducing the energy required to keep the spa at the temperature you want.

In addition, the materials that are used to manufacture our spa pools are sustainably sourced to ensure minimal impact on the environment.

So, not only can you enjoy your spa without worrying about the costs that are being added to your energy bills, but you can also be sure your spa pool is causing minimal impact on the environment.

Easy to Install Spa Pools

We’ve made our spa pools as easy to install as possible. As mentioned above, they are lightweight and portable so are easy to get into place.

Installing the spa is also simple. An electrician is required to install most spa pools available on the market but at Eco Spa, we believe this is an unnecessary added expense. Therefore, our spa pools are supplied with standard electrical fittings.

In other words, all you need to do to install your spa when you get it into position is to plug it into a standard electrical socket on your wall.

High-Quality Spa Pools

Our spa pools are made to the highest standard of quality to ensure you can enjoy many years of comfort and relaxation. We use high-quality materials as well as spa designs that are well established with a reputation for durability and long-lasting, consistent performance.

In other words, you get a lot of spa pool for your buck when you come to us at Eco Spa.

Attractive and Stylish Spa Pools

The spa pools we supply in Christchurch make an attractive design feature too. The interior is available in granite, sandstone, or blue, while the outside – the enclosure – is manufactured from cedar.

This gives the spa pools we supply a luxurious appearance that would look just as at home in an exclusive European resort as they do in your home.

New Zealand Made Spa Pools

The spa pools we supply in Christchurch and the surrounding area are manufactured here in New Zealand. This keeps costs down and minimises the carbon footprint that results from the manufacture and delivery of your new spa.

In addition, it also helps to support and promote Kiwi businesses and workers.

Spa Pools in Christchurch that Are Ultra-Comfortable and Relaxing

All the above features and benefits are only really useful if the spa pool you get is comfortable and relaxing. You need to enjoy spending time in it as much as you do in any other spa pool.

When you get a spa pool from us at Eco Spa, you won’t be disappointed. From the comfortable interior to the power of the jets, your spa will become your new favourite place to be.

Safety Features

If you have children, it’s important your spa pool is secure and safe, particularly when it is not in use. As a result, we supply all our spas with lockable covers.

Accessories for Your Spa

  • Cover lifter – make removing and replacing the cover of your spa pool super easy with a cover lifter
  • Steps – attractive wooden steps to make it easier getting into and out of your spa pool
  • Filters – whenever you need a new filter for your spa pool, we’ve got the products you are looking for

Improve Your Home and Live How You Want to Live

Sitting on a sunny afternoon in your own spa pool with a book and a glass of wine. Maybe it’s sitting in your spa pool with your friends while having a beer. Whatever your version of bliss, it’s possible with a spa pool from Eco Spa. To find out more about the spa pools we supply in Christchurch, please contact us on 0800 SPAS NZ.

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