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If you are looking for spa pools for your home in Whangarei or anywhere else in Northland, we can help at Eco Spa. The range we offer, our competitive prices, and the features of our products mean they are second to none. Browse the range today.
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Why should you choose us if you are looking for spa pools in Whangarei or the wider Northland region? There are many reasons to choose a spa pool from Eco Spa. Here are the most important.

You want a spa pool that is affordable

The cost of the spa pool you buy must be within your budget. While the spa pools that we offer are high-quality, we keep our prices competitive. This means you really could be enjoying that brand-new spa pool in your own home sooner and for less money than you think.

You want a spa pool that won’t be expensive to run

The last thing you want when you own a spa pool is to be reluctant to use it because it costs so much. Instead, your next electricity bill shouldn’t come into your mind at all as you step into your bubbling, hot spa pool. All you should be thinking about is the relaxation you are going to enjoy.

Portable Spa Pools Whangarei, Northland

At Eco Spa, we have taken a number of steps, including adding innovative design features, to make our spas as energy-efficient as possible. One of the ways we do this is to enclose the whole pool, including the underside, in a cell marine foam. This acts as insulation, helping to keep your water hot and reducing the amount of energy required to operate the pool.

You want a spa pool that is environmentally friendly

Protecting the environment while still being able to enjoy the luxury and relaxation of a spa pool is central to what we do here at Eco Spa. All the materials used to manufacture our spas, for example, come from sustainable sources. The energy-saving features that are included in our spa pools also help to protect the environment.

This combination of affordable purchase price, energy-efficient operation, and focus on protecting the environment make our spa pools at Eco Spa a highly attractive option if you are in Whangarei or anywhere else in Northland. There is more, however.

You want a spa pool that is portable

In the past, spa pools where either big, clunky, and heavy or they were light, low-quality, and easy to damage or break. At Eco Spa, we knew there had to be a better alternative.

Our range of spa pools are manufactured to a high standard of quality with solid construction. However, they are also lightweight, making them not only easy to install once you first receive your spa pool, but also easy to move to a different location in your home whenever you need to.

So, if you are looking for portable spa pools in Whangarei or Northland, we are your best choice.

You want a spa pool you can install yourself with minimal hassle

Some spa pools on the market today need to be installed with the help of a qualified electrician. We have designed our spa products to ensure this isn’t necessary. In fact, all you need to do to get your new spa pool up and running is to plug it into a normal electrical socket in your wall. It couldn’t be easier.

You want your spa pool to produce lots of bubbles

Now we are getting to the part where you are actually in your new spa pool – what will it be like? The pump that will come with your spa pool will have two speeds so you can control the operation. It is powerful too, so will produce all the bubbles and jetting water you need.

While it is a powerful pump, you don’t have to worry about noise as it also operates quietly. This will ensure there is nothing in relation to the operation of the spa pool that will spoil your enjoyment.

You would prefer a spa pool that is Kiwi made

We get this – supporting local New Zealand business and minimising the carbon footprint of the products you buy are important considerations for many Kiwis. They are priorities that we support and follow as well.

Therefore, we are proud of the fact that all the spa pools that we supply are manufactured in New Zealand.

You want a spa pool that looks great in your home

Spa pools are a luxury and they should look luxurious too. This is what you can expect when you choose a spa pool from us at Eco Spa. The interior of the spa is available in three finishes: blue, sandstone, and granite. The enclosure of the spa pool is manufactured from very rich and attractive cedar. Cedar also has the benefit of being durable.

You want accessories to maximise your enjoyment of the spa

Yep, we’ve got this covered too. Your spa pool will come as standard with a lockable cover. This will ensure the spa is secure when you are not using it, particularly if you have curious children in your house. The cover will also help to keep the water in your spa pool clean.

We also offer a range of optional accessories. This includes cover lifters which make it super easy to take off and replace the cover. We also supply steps to make getting into your spa pool easier, and we supply filters.

You don’t want to pay for the delivery of your spa pool

At Eco Spa, we deliver spa pools for free in Whangarei and Northland. This is another way we keep the cost of buying a new spa as low as possible.

You want guarantees to give you peace of mind

We provide a Ten year warranty on your spa’s polyethylene, ensuring you have the peace of mind that you need. All you need to do is enjoy using your spa pool!

Spa Pools for Sale Whangarei

Our spa pools are the perfect choice if you are in Whangarei or anywhere else in Northland. You’ll find all our products here on our website but if you’d prefer to speak to us in person, we’d love to hear from you. Call now on 0800 SPAS NZ.

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