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Reduce Stress While Saving Money and the Planet With Our Eco Hot Tub Range

After a tough week, relax in our portable, energy-efficient hot tub. Our affordable, cost-effective tubs will make coming home a pleasure, whether with family, friends or enjoying some me-time.


Benefits of a Hot Tub in New Zealand

Everyone knows the calming and soothing benefits of soaking in a hot spring. So why not bring the same benefits into your home? Soaking in a hot tub offers the following benefits:


  • Hydrotherapy: Immersing yourself in hot water may help improve your physical and mental well-being. Floating, jet massage, and increased blood circulation from the heat help relax any tension, soothe sore or tired muscles and bones, and leave your feeling rejuvenated.
  • Better sleep: Sleep problems can increase stress and impact your health. However, time in your tub before bedtime may help ease these difficulties for a restful night’s sleep. Spend just 15 minutes soaking before retiring each night to help your body and mind prepare for Dreamtime.
  • Outdoor enjoyment: Your portable hot tub allows you to spend time in the fresh air. Enjoy socialising with family and friends while benefiting from nature’s gifts of water, sky, and sun. You’ll find your spa goes well with a barbie and beer.
  • Me-time: Book some time-out from everything and everyone and enjoy some time alone. You can transport your portable tub to a place of privacy and peace. Add music, candles, and a glass of wine; it’s up to you.

In addition, by sourcing a more eco-friendly Eco Spas hot tub in NZ, one that preserves energy, you’ll also enjoy the peace of mind of knowing you’re helping to save the planet’s natural resources while protecting your savings.


What You Can Expect From Us Regarding Your NZ Hot Tub

We provide energy-efficient, affordable, and superior-quality commercial and residential spa pools. When you buy your hot tub from Eco Spas, you are choosing:

  • Convenience and ease of use: Products from our range are lightweight – no heavier than 140kg, making them easy to install and perfectly portable. Your spa uses a ten amp plug to plug into any standard electrical socket. Their convenient size is ideal for most locations at home, whether indoors, on your balcony, or in your pool area, patio, or deck. In addition, consider our range of spa accessories, including wooden steps, cover lifters, chemical starter packs for water maintenance, and filter replacements.
  • Luxurious appeal: Ergonomically designed and enclosed in beautiful natural Western Red cedar, our Eco Spa is attractive and The hot tub is also available in various colours to match your decor, including blue, white quartz, sandstone, and granite. In addition, keep your spa clean and prevent accidents with one of our lockable covers.
  • Performance with a heart: Our spas and tubs are environmentally friendly. With high-performance specifications such as a quiet but powerful two-speed Davey pump, our spa pools provide a refreshing and peaceful experience. They are also energy and cost-efficient thanks to their thermal efficiency, low energy usage, and low running costs. In addition, our environmentally friendly products use natural marine-grade foam insulation and cedar sourced from sustainable forests. Lastly, our products are made in New Zealand using local materials and parts, reducing transport requirements, costs, and carbon footprint.

Our hot tubs add enjoyment to your leisure time. In addition, you can expect exceptional service and added value.


What Sets Us Apart When You Buy a Hot Tub in NZ

Beyond being proudly New Zealand-made and competitively priced, our products and service provide you with:

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  • Your dream spa, wherever you are: Whether you are in Whangarei, Christchurch, Hamilton, Tauranga, Auckland, Rotorua, or anywhere else in New Zealand, owning and enjoying your own hot tub is now a possibility. We Deliver throughout NZ.
  • Product quality confidence: Our spa pools are built to last, made from non-toxic and resilient polyethylene. Their robust design and hardy materials provide consistent and long-lasting excellence. So confident are we in the product quality that we offer an extended ten-year warranty on your tub’s polyethylene shell. In addition, your tub comes with a two-year warranty on all other spa components.

So, why not lie back, relax and enjoy? We bring you an eye-catching, versatile, and guilt-free lifestyle addition.


About Eco Spas

We are a family-owned and run business providing affordable and energy-efficient spa pools to help ease your anxiety through hydrotherapy, cost-efficiency, and compassion for our precious Earth.

Take advantage of luxurious at-home health and enjoyment today with our hot tub for sale. Place your order online or contact us for more information. We would love to hear from you.

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