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A new spa pool will make a fantastic addition to your home. They are not as costly to buy or run as you might think, particularly when you get one from us at Eco Spa, plus we offer free delivery to any location in North Island including in Tauranga, Hamilton, and Rotorua.

The spa pools we provide are New Zealand-made and they are high-quality.

Just think – you could have a spa pool on your deck, balcony, or even inside your home that you can relax in and enjoy whenever you want to.

You love getting into the spa at hotels and other locations, so why not have one at home? Now you can.

To find out more about the spa pools we supply in Tauranga, Hamilton, and Rotorua, please get in touch by calling us today on 0800 SPAS NZ.

Portable Spa Pools Tauranga, Hamilton, Rotorua or anywhere else in New Zealand

We supply spa pools anywhere in New Zealand with free delivery to your door if you are in North Island, including in Tauranga, Hamilton, and Rotorua.

Here are some of the features you can expect when you get a spa pool from us at Eco Spa.

Energy Efficient

Many people are put off from getting a spa pool for their home because they think it will be expensive to run. This isn’t the case with our spa pools, however.

Our spa pools come with energy-efficient pumps plus we also enclose the underside of the spa pool with a cell marine foam. This keeps heat in the water not only making it more comfortable but reducing the amount of energy that is used.


Spa pools can be heavy and cumbersome, but we make ours lightweight. In fact, they are portable making them easy to put in place and install as well as to move to a new location.

Plug-In and Go

Some spa pools available in Tauranga, Hamilton, and Rotorua need an electrician to wire them into your home’s electrics. Our spa pools, however, can be plugged into any electrical socket.

So, as you can move the spa pool into place by yourself and you can get it operational, there are no additional costs you will incur for installation.

High-Quality Pump

The pump we’ll supply with your spa pool will be high-quality and powerful, with two speeds of operation to give you more control. While it is powerful, it is also quiet to ensure it doesn’t interrupt your enjoyment of the spa whenever you are using it.

Attractive Design

The inside of your spa pool is available in three finishes – blue, granite, and sandstone. We surround the exterior with attractive cedar that we ensure has been sustainably sourced. The cedar wood adds a real sense of luxury to the spa pool.

Kiwi Made

Our spa pools are made here in New Zealand using locally sourced materials where possible. In addition, all the materials used in the manufacture of our spa pools are sustainably sourced including, as mentioned above, the cedar wood that is used.


You can have confidence in the standard of workmanship and overall quality of your spa. It will give you many years of enjoyment using something you have probably always dreamed of having – your very own spa pool right there in your Tauranga, Hamilton, or Rotorua home.

For further peace of mind, though, we provide a five-year warranty on the polyethylene.

Lockable Cover

Your spa pool will be supplied with a lockable cover to keep it safe, particularly if you have children.

Optional Accessories Available

We offer a range of optional accessories too. This includes cover lifters which use a spring-assisted mechanism to make lifting the cover off and onto your spa effortless. The cover lifter we supply fits all the spas in our range.

We also supply wooden steps that make it easy to get into and out of your spa, plus we provide external spa filters to keep your spa clean.

Spa Pools Free Delivery

What can you expect from Eco Spa when you buy a spa pool from us for your Tauranga, Hamilton, or Rotorua home?

  • Free delivery – we deliver spa pools to Tauranga, Hamilton, and Rotorua free of charge. In fact, we deliver to all parts of North Island free of charge. If you are in South Island, we’ll deliver free to the depot nearest to your location.
  • Expert advice – we have extensive experience supplying spa pools in Tauranga, Hamilton, Rotorua, and elsewhere in New Zealand. Our team is here to answer any of your questions and to ensure you get the perfect spa for your needs.
  • Excellent customer service – whatever your query and whatever your request, we’ll do everything we can to deliver on your expectations. In addition, we are a family-run business, so you’ll receive a personal level of service.
  • Competitive prices – running costs are low for the range of spa pools we supply in Tauranga, Hamilton, and Rotorua. The initial purchase costs are low too. You are buying a premium product, but it comes without the premium price tag.

If you have a query, or you would like help selecting the right spa for your home, please get in touch with a member of our team today.

Owning a Spa Pool Doesn’t Have to Be a Dream

Just imagine being able to come in from work after a busy and sometimes challenging day to your very own spa. Maybe you’re looking forward to letting your muscles relax after a workout in the comfort and privacy of your own home. Or maybe you can’t wait to relax with a glass of wine, a beer, or some bubbly on a Saturday evening as you watch the sunset on your deck.

You don’t have to wish, hope, or dream anymore as owning a spa pool is more feasible than you think. Browse the range that we have available today or you can call us for more information. To get in touch, call now on 0800 SPAS NZ.

All our spas are powered by reliable Davey Water Products


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